Accessibility Tools

Municipal Accessibility Support Program

A classroom with 4 adult learners seated in desks facing a person facilitating a training session at the front of the room.

AMANS recognizes the value of education, training and development and the importance of having municipal government staff and elected officials who have the capacity to meet today's challenges. Providing education and training on topics of accessibility to municipalities and villages is an important part of the work of the Municipal Accessibility Support Program. 

Making Nova Scotia an accessible province for people with disabilities must begin with education. We know that one of the most reported barriers people with disabilities experience are attitudinal. The ability to do the work required to increase accessibility in municipalities and villages is impacted by the knowledge and beliefs of those involved in that work.

We will provide opportunities for municipal administrators to build their knowledge of disability, barriers, accessibility, and the impacts of ableism. The more awareness, understanding and acceptance of disability and accessibility, the better equipped municipalities will be to meet the requirements of the Accessibility Act, meet commitments in their accessibility plan, and make their communities accessible for people with disabilities.

If there are accessibility topics your municipality or village would like to see in our education and training session offerings, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.