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December 3rd marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) proclaimed first by the United Nations in 1992. It is a day to promote an understanding of disability issues and raise awareness of the importance of equal access for persons with disabilities in all aspects of society. The theme for 2023 is “United Action to rescue and achieve Sustainable Development Goals for, with and by persons with Disabilities”.


Accessibility for persons with disabilities is a human right. As the third province in Canada to pass Accessibility legislation, we are working towards removing and preventing barriers so that all Nova Scotians have access to the same experiences and opportunities.

Organizations such as yours are doing important work through the commitments and actions in your accessibility plans. Recognizing this day provides an opportunity to highlight this work and reflect on our own personal responsibility to make the province a better place to live.


This year, the Accessibility Directorate would like to encourage all PPSBs to celebrate this important day. The following are suggestions that you can use to promote and celebrate IDPD.

Images for Communications or Social Media Posts

Feel free to use the following images and alternative text on social media platforms or other communications.

Group of people in sitting in a theatre watching a movie, a few of them using assistive technology devices Un groupe de personnes est assis dans un théâtre en train de regarder un film. Une jeune personne utilise la technologie fonctionnelle pour lire les sous-titres, et une personne plus âgée porte des écouteurs pour la vidéodescription.

White boy sitting on a chair using a coding robot in a classroom. Un élève de niveau élémentaire à la peau claire assis sur une chaise dans une salle de classe est en train d’utiliser un robot de codage.

White man and woman taking at the picnic table in an outdoor park, the man is in a wheelchair. Deux adultes à la peau claire sont assis à une table de piquenique accessible dans un parc en plein air. Une des personnes utilise un fauteuil roulant.

Two black girls playing in an outdoor playground. Deux jeunes enfants afro-néoécossais jouent dans un terrain de jeu en plein air.

Alternative (or “alt”) text is recommended for any images posted or shared on social media, electronic documents, or websites. Learn more about how to add alt text to images on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter).

Below is suggested text for social media posts or other communications.

  • December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities! Over 30% of Nova Scotians have a disability. Accessibility is a human right. Imagine a world with no barriers. We are removing barriers to inclusion all across Nova Scotia. To find out more visit Accessible Nova Scotia

Host a Panel/Presentation

Plan a virtual or in-person session related to IDPD. You could include panel members, or deliver a presentation, and invite all colleagues in your organization to attend. Please ensure that you are planning an accessible online or in-person event and include people with disabilities in the planning, and consider inviting someone with a disability to present.

Presentation/panel topics could include:

  • Organization-specific accessibility initiatives and success stories, based on work happening in your accessibility plan.

Learn more in online accessibility courses

Encourage those who have not taken the following virtual learning modules to do so and plan an In person or online discussion around what was learned.

Utilize the Resource Hub at

Take the time to explore the resources at such as posters, postcards, bookmarks, social media graphics, email banners, virtual backgrounds, videos and more. 

Municipal Proclamation

If you are a Municipality request that IDPD be officially recognized by your Council (sample text).

Proclamation International Day for Persons with Disabilities December 3, 2023

WHEREAS, December 3 is recognized globally by the United Nations as International Day for Persons with Disabilities; and

Canada is a signatory of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disability, and Nova Scotia was the third province to pass Accessibility Legislation to prevent and remove barriers for people with disabilities; and

International Day for Persons with Disabilities promotes an understanding of disability issues and the importance of equal access for Nova Scotians with disabilities in all aspects of society; and

Through public awareness, community partnerships, and municipal accessibility initiatives this day aims to foster an environment of equal participation of individuals with disabilities within [INSERT COMMUNITY NAME].

THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, [INSERT TITLE, NAME] on behalf of [INSERT COMMUNITY], do hereby proclaim December 3, 2023, as “International Day for Persons with Disabilities” in the [INSERT COMMUNITY].

Dated at [INSERT LOCATION], Nova Scotia

This [INSERT date] 2023