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What is Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia?

An annual celebration and opportunity to raise awareness and engage Nova Scotians on issues around access and inclusion. This year the theme is Access Includes Everyone: Increasing Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities. To learn more, please visit the Access Awareness Week website (links to an external website).

Why is Access Awareness Week important?

It gives Nova Scotians a chance to learn about the work of disability advocates and leaders across the province, while better understanding the barriers that still exist for persons with disabilities.

When is Access Awareness Week 2024?

This year Nova Scotia’s Access Awareness Week is from May 26 to June 1, 2024.

How can municipalities get involved in Access Awareness Week?

Adopt the proclamation

Nominate someone for one of the Mel Hebb Hourglass awards

Help recognize a municipality, organization, or individual who has worked to improve the lives of persons with disabilities by nominating them for one of the Mel Hebb Hourglass Awards. There are 5 award categories.

For more information on the award categories or to access the nomination form visit Access Awareness (links to an external website)

Municipal accessibility lead panel discussion event

Have your municipality’s accessibility lead participate in the Access Awareness Week Municipal Accessibility Lead Panel Discussion Event. For more information on how to get involved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fly the Access Awareness Week flag

Fly the Access Awareness Week flag. To order a flag, or for more information, please visit the Access Awareness website.

Host an event

  • Have a flag-raising ceremony.
  • Host a webinar or have someone come to your municipality to provide training on topics of accessibility and inclusion.
  • Host a town hall or informal information session (in person or virtual) to provide updates on the implementation of your accessibility plan.

Create a newsletter or webpage

Social media campaign

Run a social media campaign for Access Awareness Week:

  • Provide information on the Accessibility Act.
  • Provide updates on the implementation of your accessibility plan.
  • Feature your accessibility advisory committee members.
  • Recognize local businesses, community organizations, or community members who are working to improve accessibility and improve the lives of persons with disabilities in your community.
  • Provide “quick tips” or links to resources on how we can improve accessibility.

Amplify the voices of others

Use your municipality’s social media to share what other organizations, businesses, and individuals are doing to celebrate Access Awareness Week and help raise awareness in your community. For example:

  • Share posts/retweet things from content creators or advocates with lived experience. Use your platform to amplify voices from within the disability community.
  • If there is an event in your community hosted by a non-profit that supports people with disabilities, share their content to help raise awareness and spread the word.
  • Share/retweet Access Awareness Week content that other organizations post (PAANS, the Accessibility Directorate, NS Human Rights Commission, etc.)